We at Digital Age Products are aware of this problem as reported in this forum, as we have been fielding and responding to over 300 calls and emails for over five weeks now by cardholders making the same claims.

As we are not the same Digital Age that is being mentioned in this forum, but also a victim of this fraud, here is what you need to know (and what we have discovered by our own research):

-The charge on your credit or debit card is not from us, Digital Age Products. And you are not in our database for any purchases. We do not know, or have your credit card number or any of your personal information.

-This charge is coming from a European merchant in the country of Cyprus. Through our own research, we have identified the merchant's acquiring bank asSEB / Euroline of Sweden ( or As of October 12th, SEB has told us they have closed the merchant's credit card processing down. SEB told us that they processed charges on this account from the beginning of September of 2005.

-If you check your statement it says something like: Digital Age 8885298 Cyprus (all card holders who have called or emailed us have a similar number on their statement). MasterCard has informed us the full telephone number is 888-529-9842. THIS IS NOT DIGITAL AGE PRODUCTS' TELEPHONE NUMBER. If you call this number, there will be a voicemail that will direct you to a web site: FOR YOUR OWN SAFTEY, DO NOT FILL OUT ANY INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE.

-Cardholders that have contacted us, have all had the same charge of $24.99

-The cardholder has usually looked up the name Digital Age on the Internet and found our web site (sometime this has been done by your bank for you).  Our name is Digital Age Products. Not Digital Age. And from our research, the merchant has been using the web domain

-We have also discovered another website by this enterprise (from  Also, do not try to contact them via their 800 number as you will be charged unknown international rates to your telephone statement.

-You should know that we have checked the following systems of our online store (we brand audio products for MP3 players and computers):

  • Our credit card processor and their fraud division

  • Our own bank and the charges that flow through our account

  • Our online e-commerce partner who handles our shopping cart and hosts our website

  • Our own sales history and inventory

All of these show up negative, and there is no sign or trace that this is coming from our systems, or that these systems have been violated. You should also know that the amount charged does not correlate with any products we sell and the shipping charges that may be incurred.

Finally, we have reported and filed a complaint with the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) regarding these incidents and reports from cardholders.

We are empathetic with your problem. You need to contact your credit card company, bank or credit union and deny the charge. We would also suggest that you may want to have the card cancelled as it has been compromised. We have no idea where all these names and credit card numbers have come from, although all the people that have contacted us, have been American cardholders.

To this day, we have still been handling calls and emails, and according to the Swedish acquiring bank SEB, this will probably go on for up to four months, even with the "CYPRUS" merchant's card processing being closed down on October 12th. If you have charges from this merchant after that date, we suggest you contact us, and we will help funnel this information to MasterCard and Visa.

Thank you. If you have any other questions or comments, please e-mail us at

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