DIGITAL AGE 888-529-98 CYPRUS -- $24.99

This is the central source of information about the Digital Age Cyprus MasterCard/Visa fraudulent charge.  I will be updating this site with new information as I find it.  I ask you to visit the Victim Registry page to help me compile a list of those affected.  (I am not collecting personally identifiable information.) 

This is also a great place to find information about other fraudulent charges that may be perpetrated by the same group of criminals.


SUMMARY: There have been many people hit with this form of credit card fraud that have never used their card online, therefore it appears as though the credit card numbers were not stolen from a website or particular retailer, but somehow stolen from somewhere deep in the credit card network or randomly generated and verified.  It looks likely that the criminals took advantage of security by submitting small charges to large amounts of people.  It is likely that many people won't even notice this charge since it is relatively small.  Some have been calling these "spam charges," which I have decided to adopt as well. 


In the vast majority of the cases, the banks are not reversing the charges UNLESS THE CONSUMER CALLS THEM.  Plus, these charges hurt everyone in the long run because banks will just increase fees to make up for their losses.  However, since the charges have stopped quite a while ago, you are probably stuck without a chance of getting your money back.

It looks like there are other criminals (or the same people) using hacked databases of credit card numbers as well; see the List of Fraudulent Charges page for a list of other charges that you should dispute.  If you have a Fraudulent Charge you'd like to report, post it on my blog by clicking here.

Please visit the Advice page, there are many things to do to protect yourself that you might not know.

I've found some interesting loopholes in the credit card companies' "100% fraud protection," so you might want to check out the Policies page.



Updated 7/10/2010